Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hot Spring with Sake in a Train Station

If you like Japanese sake and Japanese hot springs, you can enjoy both at Sakeburo Yunosawa in Echigo Yuzawa Train Station. Sake created specifically for the purpose of bathing is poured into the bath each day. The manager claims that the sake is good for skin. I am not sure about that, but if you have time to kill at a train station, enjoying a hot steamy bath is a clean way to kill time.

The bath is located in a section of the huge train station called called the Ponshu Kan. The Ponshu Kan promotes - in a very amusing manner - Niigata sake, food and drinks made with sake, and products that just go well with sake. If you want to smile or laugh while reading about Niigata sake and Sakeburo Yunosawa, click here .

Train station hot springs are rare, but not too uncommon. Some springs were actually discovered while constructing the train stations.  

Inside the Ponshukan

Sake for Bathing

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