Monday, May 28, 2012

Do Not Enter the Bath If You are an Obnoxious Drunk

Prohibited States of Entry

The other day as I was walking towards the entrance of a new hot spring, I was confronted by a sign that stopped me in my tracks. The meaning is fairly obvious, but I am going to explain it anyway. 

In order to maintain the serenity and the cleanliness of hot springs, you should not enter if you:

  1. are an obnoxious drunk
  2. have a contagious disease
  3. are likely to contaminate the bath with urine, etc.
  4. bring pets or dangerous items inside
I realized how lucky I was that the sign was there to keep me safe. If the sign was absent, who knows what unpleasant experiences I might encounter? Because of the sign, I was able to enjoy a sense of relief and security while bathing. Why aren't signs like this in front of every hot spring, supermarket, movie theater, library, bookstore, restaurant and other public facility in Japan?