Saturday, December 22, 2012

Manga Cafe - Hot Spring Combination in Myoko

Do you enjoy  Japanese manga and Japanese hot springs? The Onsen Cafe is the place to satisfy the lazy ambitions of those people who strenuously avoid exercise. Ironically, it is located in Myokokogen, Niigata, a forested, mountainous area  with spectacular ski resorts, hiking trails, and snowshoeing courses. (See previous post.) A friend of mine said, "That cafe is the perfect place to park my wife." His comment does not sound like something a loving husband would say, but he does have her interests at heart. He loves skiing aggressively from when the lift lines open until they are closed; in contrast,  she loves reading manga, watching Japanese anime, and lazing the day away. Located close to numerous ski resorts, the Onsen Cafe solves their problems. From the vantage point of a hot spring connoisseur, the hot spring is worth the money, too. Three hours of this tranquilizing experience costs 1,000 yen. Knock yourself out for an entire day for 1,500 yen.

The Onsen Cafe is a manga lover's paradise with a hot outdoor hot bath with a mountain view, an indoor hot bath with a forest view, an icily cold indoor bath, and a hinoki (檜) scented sauna. Hinoki is the Japanese word for the Japanese cypress tree. It has a fragrant refreshing aroma that rises with the steam. Many saunas and bathtubs are constructed with this tree. After bathing, if you still need to unwind, you can drip your melted body onto foam cushions  in a "sleeping room," transform yourself into a vegetable in a massage chair, or lay upon tatami mats after pigging out in a cafeteria. If a part of your body still desires movement, let it be the eyes. They can read magazines or manga from the library, scan the Internet, or watch large screen TV monitors while your other body parts vegetate.

Japanese have an almost nonhuman ability to sleep in public spaces.  Many Japanese hot spring facilities provide "relaxing rooms," kyuukejo (休憩所),for their already relaxed customers to reach the ultimate realm of relaxation. Relaxing is tough work and requires lots of practice. In fact, many Japanese college students are very serious about their relaxation training and do not waste time in class studying. Those interested in researching the amazing Japanese ability to sleep almost anywhere, anytime, and in any position, are recommended to study the Facebook page titled Nobody Sleeps Like the Japanese Do. Perhaps, feeling confident that no one will steal their belongings helps the Japanese to sleep deeply wherever they are.
Sleeping in Public in the kyuukejo (休憩所)