Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cheap Nagoya Hot Spring and Lunch Combination

In the heart of Nagoya City is a hot spring that few people, even residents, know about. It is worth visiting for the delicious lunch and hot spring combination that costs only 1,750 yen (about 15 US dollars). The onsen is in the basement of the Nagoya Crown Hotel in Fushimi. A fake waterfall that is lit up from above, and the strategic placement of shrubs, cleverly give the impression that the hot spring is on ground level. Despite the low price, the variety of delicious food is extensive, and the hot spring facilities are clean and well designed. I was so impressed that I strongly recommended this bath to many friends.

For just 1,750 yen (around 13 US dollars), you can enjoy the bath and a lunch which includes Japanese specialties, such as sashimi, sushi, and noodles, as well as various Chinese and Western dishes. The food is set out on a table. Guests are allowed to choose four main dishes. There is no limit to the amount of soup, rice, pickles, and other side dishes.

A unique and attractive part of the  design of one of the bathing sections was the insertion of an aquarium into the wall between the dressing room and the bathing room. You can watch goldfish and other tropical fish while undressing and vice versa. It is strange, but delightful. Do not worry about what the fish are thinking; they won't gossip about your body.

The men and women's sections are separated. On my first occasions, I entered the room described above, but on a recent trip, I was directed to the other room. This was not as attractive. It lacked an aquarium and waterfall. However, the water quality was the same. Japanese hotels and ryokans often alternate the male and female bathing rooms.

The presence of various mineral elements means the water is brownish, and it feels smooth. The hotel provides a towel, soap, shampoo, combs, basically everything that you need to keep you clean and refreshed. Be sure to come before eleven if you want to have a slow relaxing time. I was told that the baths would be closed for cleaning at noon. Just a few minutes before twelve, two employees came in and started cleaning. Punctuality and cleanliness are virtues in Japan!
The hotel is a five-minute walk from the Fushimi Subway Station. A taxi from Nagoya Station will take about five minutes to bring you to the Nagoya Crown Hotel. The hotel's English webpage is http://www.nagoyacrown.co.jp/english/.

This bath is my favorite  within downtown Nagoya. However, my favorite hot spring facility within all of Nagoya City is Ryusenji-no-yu (竜泉寺の湯), which has baths and special rooms where the heat rises from hot rocks on the floor.These special rooms are called Ganbanyoku (岩盤浴). The international airport in Nagoya also has a great bath. You can soak while watching planes land and depart, an unusual experience indeed!  The largest bath facility within Nagoya is  the aptly named Dainagoyaonsen (大名古屋温泉), which translated into English means large Nagoya hot spring.