Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Most Amusing Japanese Onsen Video

Hotspringaddict's choice for the most amusing Japanese onsen video award goes to the city of Beppu, Oita, for a hot promotional video that went viral. Check it out. Then, plan your trip to Beppu.

It is a smile-inducing video of a fantastic, steamy, and almost surreal hot spring town that warms your heart and body no matter how often you visit. In the video, Beppuins, as I affectionately call the people of Beppu, are shown riding roller coasters and Ferris wheels brimming with hot mineral water. Others stroll or eat ice cream while water splashes over their towel-clad bodies.

At the end of the video, Beppu's mayor, wearing a business suit while sitting on the rim of a rocky hot spring, promises to create a real onsen-theme amusement park in Beppu if the video is seen by over one million people. The viral video surpassed one million views, so the mayor will be in boiling hot water if he does not keep his promise. The video was filmed in a Beppu amusement park, but water was added just for the video.

Hot springs are an integral part of Beppu culture. Beppu is blessed with so many onsens that you could spend years enjoying the indoor and outdoor springs without ever bathing in the same bath twice. You can try bathing in hot sand. Beppuins have even mastered the art of cooking with hot spring steam. Another wonder of Beppu is the variety of naturally-colored mineral water that waits for you.

Click to read a Japantimes article about this exciting, creative project.

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