Sunday, February 26, 2017

Baths With Great Tokyo City Views

If you are in Tokyo and want to bathe and enjoy spectacular city views while staying in a reasonably-priced hotel, keep reading. The main joy and focus of the Hotspring Addict are Japanese Onsens. However, non-onsen bathing facilities, if deemed outstanding, will receive due mention. The exceptional views from the foot bath and the outside baths at the Dormy Inn Express Asakusa, Tokyo, are worth praise. The rooms are also reasonably priced. (The author did not receive any money from Dormy Inn for this review.)  He just loves a great bath.
While luxuriating in the footbath, ashiyu, and the outdoor bath, rotenburo, you will enjoy an unobstructed view of the famous Tokyo Skytree. (Click here to access a glossary of Japanese hot spring terms.) When standing, you can see what Tokyoites affectionately and casually refer to as the Golden Turd Statue. The real name is the Asahi Flame,  a statue designed by the famous French artist Philippe Starke. The 360-ton Asahi Flame or Golden Turd lies atop the Asahi Beer Hall.
Tokyo's new and famous Skytree, a gaudy tower that most of the locals seem to love, is also visible from the footbath.

The men's outdoor bath comes with a cute replica of Mt. Fuji from which hot water pours. So you get to enjoy three of Tokyo's popular attractions while bathing. What could beat that?

Whether passing through or staying in Tokyo, Asakusa is a must-see location. Sensoji Temple, Tokyo's oldest temple; Namamise Dori, a road tightly packed with small curio shops; and Asakusa Engei Hall, a theater where you can experience traditional rakugo, manzai, and acrobatics, are just some of the great places to visit.

Unfortunately, one of Tokyo's oldest hot springs, just a short walk from Sensoji Temple, went out of business. I hope someone will fix it up. If I were a rich Tokyoite, I would turn it into an onsen museum. Luckily, though, a fantastic small community onsen, Jakotsuyu (蛇骨湯), still exists in Asakusa. To refresh yourself after a busy day of visiting various sites, I recommend a refreshing bath Jakotsuyu. You will see an overlooked part of Tokyo. Few tourists know about this hot spring. You will learn how the locals let their hair down and get clean at the same time.