Sunday, December 16, 2018

Nagoya's Newest Healing Hot Spring Space

Nagoya, Japan's fourth most populated city, delights visitors. yet few foreign visitors know Nagoya's many attractions. Located between Kyoto and Tokyo, high-speed trains fly from Nagoya to Kyoto in thirty minutes and wing to Tokyo in just over ninety. Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Jingu (Shrine), and the Tokagawa Art Museum introduce visitors to local and national history. Nagoya is also home to the World Cosplay Tournament, and the subway system that circles the city is fast and tourist friendly. When I go to Nagoya, I always drop into one of Japan's best and newest contemporary hot spring facilities. Raku Spa Garden's specialty is healing the bodies, minds, and spirits of locals and travelers.
Outdoor Baths
Raku Spa Garden, Nagoya © Raku Spa Garden
Raku is Japanese for relax, take it easy, or comfortable. Traveling is exciting but tiring. Cleanse the travel dust off your body, be one with the hot water, and give your mind and body a soothing time.
Pleasurably Melting into the Floor in a Hot Sauna Room

The Japanese have applied their renowned work ethic towards perfecting the art of relaxation. Give yourself at least several hours to try out Japanese methods of bathing that most people in the world have never experienced. Your stress level will plunge, your body will thank you, and your heart will be rejuvenated. 

Ganbanyoku, Healing on Hot Rocks

Raku Spa Garden comprises a healing collection of a dozen unique baths and saunas. Indulge in baths of hot carbonated water, baths that send electrical impulses through the water, baths with low- and high-intensity jets, and outdoor baths with stone walls, baths that exude the smell of the cypress wood. Then, give the dry saunas a try. You will energize your body and soul.
At Raku Spa Garden, you can bathe, nap, eat delicious food, drink juices and beers from around the world, read books and manga, swing in hammocks, space out, play games, and chat with friends for hours, even all day, for reasonable prices.  The rates for adults and children on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are 1,680 yen and 700 yen. The weekday rates are 1,480 yen and 600 yen. A morning bath special of 600 yen and 400 yen is available on weekends and holidays. Children five and younger are free.
Bathing in water is done in bare skin in sexually segregated bathing areas. Men and women enjoy the dry saunas together. Everyone wears colorful robes that they choose when entering.
Airy, Stylish, and Filled with Greenery
Getting to Raku Spa Garden by bus is easy. For access information, read this article. If you read Japanese, go directly to the Raku Spa Garden website.
TV Addicts Get Their Own Chairs and TVs
Other wonderful bathing spots in Nagoya include the international airport, one in downtown which has a delicious lunch with bath special, Dainagoyaonsen, and Ryusenjinoyu. Raku Spa Garden, though, is Nagoya's newest and greatest temple of relaxation.
One of the Many Dry Saunas and Relaxation Spaces


  1. when i am in Nagoya i usually prefer Nagashima Spa Yuami no Shima (長島温泉 湯あみの島). ever been there? (or if you dont like many people: Kisosaki Hot Spring (木曽岬温泉)

  2. Hello Andreas. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out.

  3. I plan to visit Nagoya. This place is on my list of locations to visit. Thanks.


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