Saturday, November 30, 2019

Onsen Hotel with Hellishly Good Hot Spring Hell Images

The Japanese use the word hell (地獄, pronounced jigoku) for both the mythical area where humans suffer for their sins and an area where enormous quantities of hot water and steam issue from Earth.

Shiraike Jigoku

Situated on one of the most active regions of the Ring of Fire, Japan has its share of large hells. On Mt. Unzen and in other locations, samurai boiled Christians and other criminals to death in those hells. But that was long ago. Today, many are tourist attractions. Beppu, Oita, has seven hells. It was a hell of a surprise to discover that Seikaisou, a reasonably-priced hotel in Beppu, gave me a room with its own hell. It was hellishly good, and I slept like an angel

Hot Spring Addict relaxing after relaxing
Seikaisou is unusual for installing lovely hell images in rooms but also for having tatami (woven-straw- mat flooring) in the rooms with baths. Another guest told me that the tatami flooring is soft, so she feels good about bringing her children there. If they fall, they won't bang their heads on hard surfaces.

Seikaisou's rare bathing area with tatami
From the baths, one sees and smells the sea and hears seabirds singing. This is partly what Japanese bathing is about. As I soaked, I noticed a lone fishing boat moving across the horizon. I looked to the right and discovered Mt. Takasaki, which is famous for a monkey park.
Mt. Takasaki on the right
I recommend Seikaisou for its cleanliness, location, service, and delicious meals. We ate dinner out, but our breakfast was delicious. And from our table, we also saw the ocean. Our simple room was less than $100.00 for two people. Prices vary depending on room location and type. The most expensive rooms come with private onsen baths on the balconies.

If you are looking for a  super lunch experience or a luxury hotel in Beppu, read about this fantastic location. Want to know more about other Beppu hot springs and ones across Japan? Write Beppu in the search field. did not receive any discounts or preferential treatment. I wrote this positive blog post because the hotel impressed me.


  1. I have also stayed there. You forgot to write that daytrippers are welcome to use the baths.

  2. You are correct. If I remember correctly, day use of the hot springs is six hundred yen.


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