Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bathe and Dine Like a King in Beppu While on a Middle-class Budget

Many high-class Western and Japanese style hotels in Japan welcome day guests into their gourmet restaurants and luxurious bathing facilities at reasonable rates. Those in the know can luxuriate in enchanting hot springs and partake of mouthwatering meals at surprisingly low prices.

Case in point, the new ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort currently (as of October 2019) has a special deal that allows middle-class travelers to enjoy a high-class experience. For 3,400 yen (around US $30.00) + service charge, you will be able to partake of a semi-buffet lunch and use the bathing facilities: sauna, outdoor baths, and indoor baths. A similar experience in the US would cost at least three times that much. The views are as exhilarating as the spa area is relaxing and the food is exquisite. Feast on the pictures.

Here are some tips for getting the most enjoyment out of this particular deal. First, ask if you can be seated on the outdoor patio, which has the best views. The wide vista embraces a vast stretch of Beppu from the mountains that slope to the blue sea. You'll love the swirls of steam that rise out of hot springs in many parts of the city. The clouds of steam seem to dance before dissipating.
Second, eat before bathing. Soaking in hot springs when very hungry or thirsty can lead to fatigue and dehydration. Keep this point in mind when deciding the time that you will get to the hotel. Making a reservation in advance is best. The lunch & bath combination is not available on weekends. Some hotels refuse admission to daytrippers if they have many guests during holidays.
Third, give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the outside views and to appreciate the artworks on display in this elegant hotel. Oita prefecture is famous for bamboo artisans. The hotel has a fantastic collection of intricate works of art crafted with bamboo.

To make a reservation by phone from within Japan, call 0977-76-8258, or you can click on this link. Look at the top left corner and click again where you see the words Book Table.

I search for lunch and bath combinations like this to celebrate special occasions or to pamper myself when I feel that I need pampering. The bath and lunch combination was better than I had imagined it would be.

Many hotels and ryokans that have lunch and bath specials do not always advertise them. Look carefully at their websites. If you do not see useful information, write or call.

Here is another blog post about a similar deal in Niigata, and this hotel in Nagoya has a very reasonable lunch and bath combination.

The Hotspringaddict did not receive money for this positive review. If you have gone to this hotel or will go in the near future, please share your impression with other readers.


  1. That's a really good deal! I should ask around if they have such deals for my upcoming visit to Hokkaido.

  2. Hello, I am sure that you can find some good deals. Take a look at hotels in the area that you want to visit. If you see a nice one, write or call. If the answer is negative, try another place. Good luck. Please write me if you discover a bath that you want to recommend. Thanks for writing this time.


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