Sunday, May 3, 2020

Japanese Hot Spring Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Japanese Onsens?

Thinking deeply about hot springs
Choose the best answer for each question. Scroll to the bottom to read the correct answers. Click on the links to read informative posts and boost your knowledge of Japanese hot springs. 

1. What do city officials in Beppu, Japan, award to bathers who soak in 88 different hot springs?
a.  A black belt b. A black towel c. A black T-shirt d. A black bar of soap

2. What is special about Hirauchikaisen Onsen on the island of Yakushima, Kagoshima?
a.  It is only accessible at high tide b. It is next to a live volcano c. Monkeys bathe there  d The water is dark red

3. The famous bathing "hot spring monkeys" of Nagano, Japan, are ...
a.  Japanese macaques b. Japanese squirrel monkeys c. Japanese gibbons d. Japanese marmoset
Searching the sea for the answers

4. Which healthy substance has been added to just a few hot spring baths in Japan? Perhaps the best example of this can be found at a hot spring ryokan in Ureshino, Kyushu.
a.  citrus fruits b. vitamins c. green tea d. protein powder

5. Which Japanese city made a promotional video that showed amusement park rides turned into hot spring baths?
a. Hakone b. Sapporo c. Kyoto d. Beppu

6. Taking a sand bath (sunayu in Japanese) means ...
a. Rubbing sand on one's skin b. Being buried in hot steamy sand c. Experiencing a dirty bath d. Soaking in a bath that has a sandy bottom

7. Which type of Japanese bath is connected with the story of a thief who was boiled to death?
a.  Goemonburo b. Uchiyu c. Rotenburu  d. Kazokuburu

8. Some hot springs were reportedly discovered after hunters noticed animals such as cranes and ___________ bathing and healing injuries.
a. Rabbits b. Eagles c. Deer d. Turtles

9.  The thermal water in hot springs is sometimes ...
a. Clear b. White c. Black d. Green d. Tea-brown e. Red f. All of these are correct  

10. Yunohana are substances that are collected from some hot springs. Yunohana are often sold as souvenirs.What are these?
a.  healthful bacteria b. soap c. algae d. mineral deposits
Hotel hot spring in autumn

 Answers and Links to Related Posts: 
Question 1 B. A black towel
Question 2 A. It is only accessible at high tide
Question 3 A. Japanese macaques
Question 4 C. Green tea
Question 5 D. Beppu
Question 6 B. Being buried in hot steamy sand
Question 7 A. Goemonburo
Question 8 C. Deer
Question 9 F. All of these
Question 10 D. Mineral deposits


  1. Wow! The questions are very interesting. I only managed to get correct answers for
    Are the onsens still opened in Japan today with the current pandemic?
    Stay safe Greg.

    1. Hisashiburi, It has been a long time, Twilight Man. I hope that you are well. Many hot springs are still open, but not all. I personally am taking a strict approach to social distancing, so I have not been to one in the last few months. How are things in Penang?

    2. It is good that you are taking strict approach to social distancing. I just saw news of the huge street protests in California where they opposed staying at home. Crazy! The business are affected in my country and several hotels have closed down in my hometown Penang. I have lived in the capital Kuala Lumpur since 1993. Today the government has slowly lifted some restrictions for more business outlets to open up to public. The streets are busy coming back to life with cars.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. I hope that you will have a chance to visit us in Japan.


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