Saturday, July 10, 2021

The Hottest Video on Hot Springs: The Earthy Facts about Japanese Onsens

Beppu The Onsen Journey is an outstanding video that explains the geology, history, and culture of Japanese onsens, especially those in Beppu. Beppu, Oita, is where thermal water gushes to the earth's surface in greater quantities than anywhere else in Japan, possibly the world. With eight different onsen areas and over 2,300 onsens within this small seaside city, you are always just a hop, skip, or a short walk to a hot spring. That is why Beppu is affectionately called the Onsen City. 

I have bathed in more than six hundred hot springs in Japan and have read more books and articles on onsens than I can count. Yet, I learned a tremendous amount from this short, entertaining video on hot springs. So my hat and towel are off to the creators of this fantastic video. Abundantly rich with various textures, colors, and minerals in its springs, Beppu provides an enjoyable, relaxing, and educational experience for everyone curious about hot springs and Japanese culture. 

If you are planning a visit to Japan, see this video before departure. If you have already enjoyed Japanese hot springs, this video, Beppu The Onsen Journey, will introduce you to surprising facts about your bathing experiences. 

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  1. Beppu is a wonderful place to experience, miss it a lot, thank you for the video.

    1. You are welcome, Colin. Do you recommend any onsens?

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    1. You are welcome. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding great Japanese hot springs, I would appreciate reading them.

  3. Replies
    1. You are welcome. I appreciate your writing. Hopefully, you can come to Japan and bathe in its incredible hot springs.


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